Hello, my name is

Raphael Cruzeiro

and I am a software developer

I like to build things!

I am a generalist programmer, working from web development to iOS programming and desktop applications. I also consider myself to have an eye for interface design and product usability.

My work comprises of the whole software development stack, from server configuration and backend coding to building an awesome frontend and even eventually creating an Android or iOS app.

I am passionate for the beauty of software development and have a strong believe that it is more than just an engineering work, it is a form of art.

What I use to build things:

My applications are usually coded in Python using the amazing Django web framework. This powerful combination enables me to deliver high quality software with considerably less development time than the alternatives.

On the frontend I like to use the new AngularJS framework to structure my application and create an awesome UX.

Some stuff that I've built

  • jQuery Notebook

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    A simple, clean and elegant Medium-like text editor for web applications on the form of a jQuery plugin.

  • Cachola

      A virtual blackboard and social tool where you can place and annotate content from all over the web and share it amongst your peers.

      This app relies heavily on modern Javascript and it's built with the new AngularJS framework.

      See a demo video here
    • Webimage

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      A simple command line program that uses webkit to render a preview image from a web page. A live demo that has been wrapped with a web interface can be found here.

    • iPad PDF Annotator

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      A proof of concept for an iOS PDF annotation tool developed for the first iPad back in 2011.

      This was a pet project that I used to get up to speed with iOS development and explore some of Apple's low level APIs like CoreGraphics.

    • Face Detector

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      A Python C extesion that uses OpenCV to search for human faces in images.

      I also built a small Django project that uses this module to tag faces on images. The demo can be found here.

    • Lisbon Startups

        An interactive map of the Lisbon startup scene.

      Raphael Cruzeiro

      Contact me

      You can find me on freenode as raphaelcruzeiro.

      I also have some slides on Slideshare